Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The dream life...

Haha... Finally... The long awaited post on The Sims 3. Well, to be honest, I wasn't really happy about it the first time I played. I found the controls annoying and troublesome. And I'm still not used to the start-up menu =( Owh nevertheless, the game has been addictive after the second try and I'm glad to say that I'm enjoying it =) I'm really impressed with the absence of loading screens and the fact that you can get promoted just by attending work is awesome! Again, The Sims 3 provides a break from everyday life and allows me to live however I want... Haha =)

Here's an awesome link about The Sims 3.


Here are some screenshots =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Survived the Jungle!

Train & Drive 2009 was overall extremely fun. The camping was the best part of course, although I'm sure Jon went more for the off-road training =(

The first day was a 4 hour long drive to Sg. Ber, Kelantan. I enjoyed the drive to Sg. Ber as there was a questionnaire to fill up about the landmarks we came across throughout the journey and I enjoyed doing that. We had to pass Cameron Highlands (My 3rd favorite place in Malaysia) but instead of having chocolate fondue, we DROVE PAST IT!!! Grr... We stopped by some hot spring instead and I almost cooked myself. Air Panas' Hot Spring is nothing like this one. This is way way hotter. Anyways, we drove and drove and drove till we reached an off-road trail. Whee! This is when Jon is happy. We rambled and rambled deeper in to the jungle, passing by Orang Asli houses which are not so 'Asli' anymore. They have Astro dishes and Solar Panels =O Owh but the children were adorable and they waved as we passed them. Upon arriving at the campsite, (This is my favorite part) we unpacked and PITCHED OUR TENTS! Yay!!! My home for the next two days. John's friend then built the "toilet" which was actually 4 bamboo poles covered with a tarp... Haha... Wasn't used to it but it isn't that bad. I found bathing in the river worst. After getting our "home" ready, we had dinner and went to bed. I really had a good night's rest. =)

We woke up the second day to the sound of big logging lorries a.k.a "San-Tai-Wong" passing by our camp site. It was really sad knowing that the beautiful jungle will be gone in probably 10 years time. We washed up then went to the river to collect water for my Solar Shower Bag... Chun right? Natural hot water... but it was really heavy. The theory part of the off-road training begun and we spent about an hour understanding off road vehicles and tips on how to drive manual vehicles (Which I'm rubbish at- for now). After that was Jon's favorite part again: Off-Road driving. We were first trained on how to go up and down steep slopes and then we went on a close convoy further into the jungle. Jon was disappointed upon discovering that the trail wasn't muddy and challenging. I didn't really understand why cause I thought bumping through uneven ground and going up and down really steep slopes was already fun =D. I was photographer throughout the camp, taking pictures of the things that I found fascinating; which was almost everything, to be honest. That night we ate steamboat (One of my favourite food) which taste better in the jungle, and just spent time talking to the other people on the campsite.

Before going home on the third day, we packed up and went for the certificate presentation ceremony. We got our certificates and watched people enjoy other random activities like cup-stacking. Gosh... I honestly never knew there was such a sport. After a while, they announced the winners of the questionnaire that we filled on the way to the campsite and we got third! Awesomeness. Heading home was the best part. We stopped by at Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands to eat at New Kee Restaurant (One of the best in Cameron Highlands). Lunch was sooooo good. Then we bought strawberries and chocolates and corn before continuing our journey back home. I dozed off in the car and when I woke up, we were at Gua Tempurung! Yay! Another place I haven't been to. We went into the cave, which was really nice and I enjoyed taking pictures, and telling Jon how cool it was that my camera could take pictures inside the cave without flash. That was until my camera battery died on me... ='( After spending some time at gua tempurung, we headed home for real =)

Overall, I enjoyed myself and I WANNA GO AGAIN!

Our tents... =)

The campsite.

Going off-road.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Escape from Reality (Well, kinda...)

After months of extremely stressful events, assignments and deadlines, it was nice to finally be able to have a 33 minute escape from reality although I was really still in Damansara (Which I would consider to be a very stressful place - Traffic Jams, Crowded Places, etc). Going Jungle Trekking at Kota Damansara Community Forest was a treat and great exercise. Walking with John trying to complete the trail as fast as we could was a great experience, not to mention discovering that what I thought "steep" was, wasn't really steep and what I thought "mud" was, wasn't really that muddy either. Ish... But on the bright side, we finished the 2.5km trail in 33 minutes. YAY! I'm really looking forward to next week's 'Train and Drive Camping Trip'...

Rarely get to see this...

After Jungle Trekking =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Zac...

Written on the 20th of April, 2009.

To Zac, the best doggy in the world.

Hi baby boy,

I don’t know where to start but I’d like you to know that I miss you so much. Every falling tear now is filled with sadness and little wishes that we could have the past back. I really would like to see you but I know that if I were to go, not bringing you back with me would break your heart. Besides, I know I would just break down the moment I see you. It’s not that I don’t want you and I’ve always loved you. Being the gentle and loving doggy that you are, I’m sure you’d understand.
I’ve spent the entire month trying not to think about how I don’t have you by my side anymore. But it has come to a point where I can’t contain it anymore. I’m sure you know more than anyone else that it always happens.
Well, it’s more like my heart is filled with guilt and hurt that I’ve got to leave you and I can’t do anything about it. Please know that I truly miss you and love you and no doggy can ever take your place. You’re perfect in every way, despite having a broken leg. You’re probably stronger than any other human I’ve seen; never letting your physical disability stop you from having fun, chasing Zoe and jumping to get food from Dad.
I know that you’re probably in a cage right now, lying down at a corner, worrying and thinking about what could have possibly happen to me. Well, I pray each night that God will help me give you a hug and comfort you. I’m ok Zac, it just feels different without you. No one’s there to listen anymore when I quarrel with anyone else. Anyways, I don’t think there’s anyone as patient as you and neither would they have time to just lay their head on my lap, listening to all my complaints about how the world is so unfair. Come to think about it, it’s always watching how you jump to get your favourite food from Dad despite having a broken leg that keeps me going. You make me realize all the time how strong one can be.
I’ve learnt so much from you that I think a thousand other people couldn’t have taught me. They wouldn’t have had the patience and love to do so anyway. You were giving in every way, giving Zoe your favourite toys till you had none, and even letting her have the first piece of food that Dad dropped even though you had sat there whimpering for it for the past half an hour.
Just know that I truly love you, Zac. You have impacted me in ways that others couldn’t. I don’t think I can deal with losing you forever even more so as I don’t deal with eternal separation that well. I really don’t know what I want right now, but I do hope that you’re okay and that you won’t worry about me that much. I do hope that God answers my prayers and hugs you every night for me and keep you company in my place.
Know that you’re always part of our family and it’ll always be that way. I love you, Zac. You’re truly the best doggy in the world!

With much love, hugs and kisses,

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Last Chance...

Please know that I just can't let you go like that.
It's not easy.
It's even more hurtful to hear that you don't feel the same way anymore.
I'll do anything.
I know I should not have said what I said yesterday.
Yes I'm sorry.
Please just let me have one last chance; don't treat me differently.
Love me again.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008; Hello 2009!

What a wonderful year 2008 has been. Awesome memories, having great people to love, being blessed in so many ways, seeing God's faithfulness time and again, and of course being able to live and laugh freely.
Bidding goodbye to 2008, I would just like to say a big thanks and lots of love to all who have been a part of this wonderful year; and in welcoming 2009, a Happy New Year to all!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Remembering dearest Grandma this Christmas...

Hi Grandma...

Christmas without you isn't the same,
Everything just doesn't feel right.
Without you here, things are not as cheerful,
And people don't seem that nice anymore.
Back in 1999, I was still young;
But I had to see you go.
I can only recall a kiss goodbye on your hand as you left,
But I have no memory of any last words.
Till today I find it hard to let go of the fact you're gone,
Fearing that I'll lose the memories of us together.
From time to time, I question why;
God had to take you away from a child who's heart is so tender.
I didn't even have enough time to get to know every single thing about you.
The only thing I know is that your love and care for me was true.
I really don't feel strong without you.
But I certainly at times feel lost and helpless.
It hurts even more when people hurl harsh words,
Be it those I love or not.
Cause without your strong shoulder to cry on,
I know that things will hurt much more.
Sometimes I think I do feel you around,
Especially during celebrations like these.
What I miss most is running into your open arms,
Knowing that there's still someone who is there for me.
There are so many things I want to say to you,
But I guess you already know.
Just like how you'd understand what I went through.
Whenever I sat on your lap, even when I didn't say a word.
Now whenever storms hit or the rain pours,
I know that you're still here for me as my guardian angel.
Though it's hard to believe as I don't see you physically,
I'll try to embrace the way it is, for now, as it will be...

I love you and miss you loads Grandma!
Can't wait till we meet again.